Printer's Apprentice 8.1 Documentation


The main Printer's Apprentice window is the launching point for other functions in the software. From here you can browse through your font collection, print sample sheets, read uninstalled fonts and manage font files.

Main Window

The main window is divided into two main sections. On the left is a series of font location tabs. On the right side is the viewing area with another series of tabs. When you select a font on the left, a font sample it is displayed in the tabs on the right.

You can select multiple fonts by holding down the CTRL key while clicking with the mouse. Holding down the SHIFT key will select a range fonts. More information about selection operations can be found in the Selecting Fonts topic.

The main window has the following elements.

Menu bar A standard menu bar runs across the top of the window. For a complete list of menu functions, please see the menu reference.

Toolbar The toolbar gives you quick access to frequently used functions. Some of the toolbar buttons have text on them. You can also hover the mouse over the toolbar to display a tooltip.

Font Location tabs These tabs are used to select the source of fonts that you are viewing. To examine fonts already installed on your PC, click the Intalled Fonts tab. To look at fonts located in other folders or devices, click the Font Files tab.

Font Viewing tabs These tabs are used to display your fonts in a variety of ways. Simply click a font in one of the font lists and the sample will appear.