Printer's Apprentice 8.1 Documentation

Use this tab of the Options dialog box to customize settings in the Printer's Apprentice user interface.

Show full path for font files
When this option is selected, the full path is displayed for each font in the Installed Fonts and Font Files lists. The recommended setting is off because the path to a font file is typically longer than the space available on the screen.

Character set grid size
Use this to increase or decrease the number of characters displayed in the main window Character Set tab.

Character Set
Printer's Apprentice can display fonts using a variety of character sets. The default set is Unicode, a standard encoding used by many computers and operating systems to display text from just about every major language in use today. Use the Character Set option to look at your fonts using different text encoding schemes.

Tab Order
If you don't like the order of the font viewing tabs in the main Printer's Apprentice window, you can use this section change how they are ordered.

Use the mouse to drag the tab names to the order that you like. Click "Use Default Order" to reset the tabs back to their default positions.

Minimize to system tray
When enabled, Printer's Apprentice will minimize to an icon in your system tray rather than the Windows Taskbar.

Show drop shadows behind text
This enables and disables the drop shadow effect behind text on the Single Character and Character Set tabs.

Display ANSI code in corner
Select or deselect this option to toggle the display of the characters ANSI code in the upper right hand corner of the Single Character and Character Set views.

Display Unicode value in corner
Select or deselect this option to toggle the display of the Unicode value in the upper right hand corner of the Single Character and Character Set views.

Use Windows Visual Styles
This option allows Printer's Apprentice screens to use the current Windows XP, Vista or 7 theme.

Show fonts hidden by Windows 7
Using the Windows 7 Fonts Control Panel, you can hide fonts so that they don't appear in application font lists.

By default, Printer's Apprentice will not display hidden fonts unless this option is selected. Fonts that are hidden, but visible in Printer's Apprentice will be displayed in gray text.

Warn before uninstalling Windows Fonts
By default, Printer's Apprentice will warn you if you try to uninstall a font that ships with Windows. Deselect this option to disable the warning.

The fonts included in this check depend on the version of Windows that you are running. You can find lists of fonts that ship with each version of Windows on the Microsoft Typography web site.

To Select Multiple Fonts
To select multiple fonts you normally use Ctrl-Click and Shift-Click. This mimics the behavior for selecting multiple files in Windows Explorer. Selected fonts will then be highlighted.

If you prefer, the software can display a checkbox next to each font. Use the "To Select Multiple Fonts" radio buttons to select which method is used by Printer's Apprentice.