Printer's Apprentice 8.1 Documentation

Printer's Apprentice makes it easy to get your font files into shape. Even if you have fonts scattered over multiple drives, Printer's Apprentice makes easy to work with your fonts.

Printer's Apprentice helps you manage your font files in several ways:

  • Install Fonts - Use Printer's Apprentice to quickly preview one or more fonts and install them, making them available for use with Windows applications.
    For more information, see the following topics: Installing Fonts, How to: Install Fonts
  • Uninstall Fonts - Uninstalling fonts helps your PC boot faster. And when selecting a font for a document, why should you have to scroll through fonts you never use?
    For more information, see the following topics: Uninstalling Fonts, How to: Uninstall Fonts
  • Copy and Move Font Files - If you want to organize your fonts into a set of folders, it helps to preview the fonts first. Printer's Apprentice lets you mange your files with a set of font-based copy and move functions.
    See the How to: Copy or Move Fonts to a Folder entry for step by step instructions.
  • Font Groups - In Printer's Apprentice, a font group is nothing more than a folder full of font files in a special directory. You can then use Printer's Apprentice to install and uninstall all the fonts in a group at once.
    By default, font groups are stored in one folder in the your Documents and Settings folder. But you can easily change this.
    For more information, see the following topics: Using Font Groups, How to: Add Fonts to a Group, How to: Remove Fonts From a Group, How to: Install Fonts From a Group, How to: Uninstall Fonts From a Group.