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Newsletter #1

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Lose Your Mind Development Newsletter
Premiere Edition

Lose Your Mind Development
Bryan T. Kinkel
P.O. Box 302
Haverford, PA 19041-0302

WEB: http://www.igi.net/~btkinkel
EMAIL: btkinkel@igi.net

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This is a newsletter from Lose Your Mind Development, the company behind Printer's Apprentice. Printer's Apprentice is a fantastic font management tool for the Windows platform. If you are on this mailing list, this means you have gotten in touch with us via email sometime in the past few years. We are aware of the issues behind Internet junk mail. If you don't wish to receive email from us, let us know. However, we figure that since you enjoy our software products, you won't mind receiving a periodic email.

This newsletter is proof that shareware does work. Thanks to the support of all our users, we are gearing up to launch the Windows 95 version of Printer's Apprentice. We are also pleased to announce our Internet Web page, hosted by IGI, Inc in Wayne, PA. The address for the Web site is at
the top of this page. In the past, most of our marketing centered around Compuserve or America Online. Despite the hype, we feel the Internet presents a new world of opportunity for programmers and consumers alike.

This newsletter contains information about the beta program for Printer's Apprentice 6.5 (32 bits, Windows 95 only), notes about our other product, background on our Web site, our technical support policy and miscellaneous bits of information you might find useful.

Our new Web site - http://www.igi.net/~btkinkel
The Lose Your Mind Development site is up at the above address. Our immediate goals are to provide more technical support and a centralized download facility for our users. Currently the page is divided into sections for product information, technical support, shareware downloads and a frequently asked questions list. The Web page went "live" on
November 1st, 1996. We expect many changes throughout November and December, so check back often.

In the future, I see expanding the page into a general font and typography resource with shareware fonts, utilities and links to other quality Web resources. Since the pages are there to help you, please direct any feedback through one of our contact channels

Printer's Apprentice Beta Program
We are sure this is the news many of you have been waiting for. Printer's Apprentice for Windows 95 has been posted to our web page for final testing. We have been working on this software since January, 1996 and hope you are pleased with the new product.

Printer's Apprentice for Windows 95 is a separate product from the 16 bit, Windows 3.1 version. It is a true 32 bit program with more features than the 16 version. We are still supporting the 16 bit product and plan to offer the same features on both platforms. However, no dates are available for upgrade to the 16 bit version.

Registered users will receive upgrade pricing information via US mail and email in the coming months. The registration code used for previous versions is valid for use with the upgrade.

The release version of Printer's Apprentice is tentatively scheduled for December. The final product includes a disk, 50+ page manual and single user license. Please see our Web page for current pricing information.

New Features - 32 bit software for Windows 95/NT 4.0, enhanced user interface, view single character, character set, sample text and font information with classic PA interface, printing enhanced to use minimal printer memory, print catalogs or groups of sample sheets from one print dialog, improved print preview screens, improved preview/print before install dialogs, new printed font catalogs, faster reads of uninstalled fonts from CD-ROM, lower resource consumption, full uninstall utility and more!

The beta program is open to anyone who wants to take a look at the work in process. To download the software, just point your browser to the Web page noted at the top of this letter. All we ask is that you forward any comments via email to us. The feedback from our users during this time is very important. Unlike the big companies (Microsoft, Corel, etc), we don't have hundreds of computer configurations at our disposal for testing. The code is about as solid as we can get it, but bugs can happen. We want to get all bugs shaken out before we start shipping new disks and manuals to customers.

FontReview 2.01 for Windows 95
FontReview is a font management product similar to Printer's Apprentice, but with not nearly the number of features. The purpose of FR is to bring the viewing and printing capabilities of PA to the Windows 95 Explorer interface. What we created is a small viewer and printing program that hooks into Windows 95. When you right click a TrueType font file, the standard Windows 95 menu pops up, with menu items for viewing, installing and printing fonts right from the operating system.

If this program sounds interesting, download a copy from our Web site. As always, this program is shareware and is backed by high quality technical support from Lose Your Mind Development.

Technical Support
The products distributed by Lose Your Mind Development are all backed by a high level of quality support. We support each one of our products and will make every effort to answer questions and fix any problems that may pop up. If you are not happy, we will gladly refund the purchase price of the software.

Technical Support is available through the following channels...

Internet Web: http://www.igi.net/~btkinkel
Download new versions, browse technical notes and frequently asked questions lists.

Email: btkinkel@igi.net
(please use email before mail or phone!)

US Mail: Lose Your Mind Development
P.O. Box 302
Haverford, PA 190401-0302

Phone: (215) 721-0466 (7-9PM EST, only!)

Final Thoughts
Well this closes the first edition of our newsletter. We hope you will take the opportunity to download the Printer's Apprentice beta software.
Check back at the Web site often, we will be continually posting new information and progress reports for the release version of PA. We look forward to hearing from our users!

Bryan Kinkel
Lose Your Mind Development